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(音訊轉換器)SuperEasy Audio Converter 3.0.4225


與SuperEasy Audio Converter 3工作並不需要涉及音訊和視訊格式的任何的知識。該軟體會自動識別源檔案類型,可管理的重要標準,AAC,MP3,WMA,OGG Vorbis和WAV。額外的視訊格式也自動提供了,這樣就可以直接​​從視訊和電影存儲音樂和音效。

為什麼要用SuperEasy Audio Converter 3?
SuperEasy Audio Converter 3大部分不同格式的音訊檔案直接到那些您需要為您的裝置或要求的標準。更妙的是,它下載Flash視訊,從像YouTube和MyVideo網站平台,從視訊檔案和音訊CD音軌撕毀並將其轉換為所需的格式。

- 易於操作GUI
- 無質量損失察覺​​快速格式轉換
- 支援所有常見格式,裝置,播放器和遊戲機
- 存儲音樂和DVD的,電影,插播廣告,視訊和網際網路平台,如YouTube的音效
- 支援DRM保護的音訊檔案
- 對於像如元資料自動支援ID3標籤
- 材料的訊息和功能顯示轉換
- 最新的壓縮技術
- 解碼器讀取所有常見的音訊和視訊格式

- 存儲DVD和電影,有聲書
- 轉換音訊CD含。線上和離線的FreeDB支援
- 有或無後續轉化為MP3等格式 - 從門戶網站,如YouTube,谷歌視訊,Clipfish,MyVideo網站,VideoTube,MySpace上,優酷,sevenload,IFILM,blip.tv和DailyMotion可能的直接的視訊下載。
- 設定的裁切線:轉換只是你真的想聽到的那些部分
- 整合型材,其完美地調節到各自的音訊格式



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SuperEasy Audio Converter 3.0.4225

Working with SuperEasy Audio Converter 3 does not require any previous knowledge concerning audio- and video formats. The software automatically recognizes the source file type and can manage the important standards AAC, MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis and WAV. Additional video formats are also provided automatically, so that you can store music and sounds directly from videos and movies.

Why SuperEasy Audio Converter 3 ?
SuperEasy Audio Converter 3 converts audio files of most different formats directly to those standards that you require for your device or your demands. Even better, it downloads flash videos from platforms like Youtube and MyVideo, rips sound tracks from video files and audio CDs and converts them to the desired format.

Functions at a glance:
- Easy-to-operate GUI
- Fast format conversion without perceptible loss in quality
- Supports all common formats, devices, players and consoles
- Store music and sounds from DVDs, movies, advertising spots, videos and Internet platforms like Youtube
- Support for DRM-protected audio files
- Automatic support for metadata like e.g. ID3 tags
- Information- and feature display of material to be converted
- Latest compression technologies
- Decoder for reading all common audio- and video formats

Instant results:
- Store DVDs and movies as audio book
- Convert audio CDs incl. online and offline freedb support
- Direct video download from portals like Youtube, Google Video, Clipfish, MyVideo, VideoTube, MySpace, Metacafe, Sevenload, iFilm, blip.tv and Dailymotion possible – with or without subsequent conversion to MP3 and other formats.
- Setting of crop marks: converts only those parts that you really want to hear
- Integrated profiles, which are perfectly adjusted to the respective audio format

(音訊轉換器)SuperEasy Audio Converter 3.0.4225 | Homepage: www.supereasy.net

(音訊轉換器)SuperEasy Audio Converter 3.0.4225 | Size: 32 MB


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