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(傳輸工具)Teleport VLX 1.7.0


我們最大的GUI webspider,Teleport VLX具有直觀的傳輸介面和其易於使用的基於項目的方法 - 它也有掃瞄多達40萬個位址在單個項目的能力。像傳輸點Pro和傳輸點超高,Teleport VLX可以在一個單一的項目處理多個伺服器,大大提高其吞吐量。其更大的資料庫,但是,容許它來處理龐大的網站和大量的伺服器,使您能夠下載更多的訊息在一個單一的項目。

Teleport VLX也是一個增強能力webspider,具有勘探,過濾和重寫功能,傳輸點 Pro缺乏。其增強的能力,您可以:

此外, Teleport VLX現在能夠抓取HTTPS(安全伺服器)網站。

Teleport VLX需要大量的記憶體高效運行。我們建議您的機器有128MB的可用記憶體,每1萬個位址掃瞄。機器有足夠的記憶體運行Teleport VLX以最大的速度和效率。




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Teleport VLX 1.7.0

Our biggest GUI webspider, Teleport VLX has the intuitive Teleport interface and its easy-to-use project-based approach -- but it also has the ability to scan up to 40 million addresses in a single project. Like Teleport Pro and Teleport Ultra, Teleport VLX can handle multiple servers in a single project, dramatically improving its throughput. Its much larger database, however, allows it to handle enormous websites and large numbers of servers, enabling you to download much more information in a single project.

Teleport VLX is also an enhanced capability webspider, having exploration, filtering, and rewriting capabilities that Teleport Pro lacks. Its enhanced abilities allow you to:
Use regular expressions to specify included as well as excluded areas to crawl
Specify domain aliases for crawling servers with multiple names
Borrow the browser's cookie cache, letting you perform complex authentication with your browser, and then crawl with Teleport
Inject custom HTTP headers into server requests
Synchronize your offline copy so that old files and orphans are automatically removed
Control HTML markup and inject meta tags with original URL and retrieval date/time stamps
Use customizable messages when rewriting links to unretrieved files

In addition, Teleport VLX is now able to crawl HTTPS (secure server) sites.

Teleport VLX requires a lot of memory to run efficiently. We recommend that your machine have 128MB free memory for every 1 million addresses scanned. Machines with enough RAM will run Teleport VLX at its maximum speed and efficiency. The program can, however, run with less RAM -- it will just run more slowly.

Whats New :
Improved parser, added more site icon handlers
Improved parser, handles unexpected quotes, triple-quotes properly
Fixed bug with scheduler, would revert run-after-project items to arbitrary item on list

(傳輸工具)Teleport VLX 1.7.0 | Homepage: www.tenmax.com/teleport

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